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Party Testimonial
I just wanted to say a big thank you for doing Daisy´s party. You helped to make it so special. Everyone was very complimentary about how wonderful you were. Thanks so much.
Fiona Leckerman

Class Testimonial
Just wanted to let you know that Ruby sings and loves all the songs and told me this week that when she grows up she wants to be a Boogie Babies teacher. 
Amanda Rabbow

Class Testimonial
I just want to say thank you for such a fun class, Sienna and I thoroughly enjoy your boogie toddler classes.  See you next term! 
Justine Rodney

Class Testimonial
We had a fantastic time at Boogie Babies. Loved everything about it, just what I´m looking for for and the other mums were so friendly.   Annabelle Baiyewu  “We loved teddie bear week!”    

Class Testimonial
I just wanted to let you know that we love our Boogie Babies CD and bear. My husband now knows all the words and I have the welcome song permanently in my head. We have music time after dinner and Daniel has started to bob to the songs : ) and will find Boogie Bear to sit with him.  Thank you. 
Lara Moss

Class Testimonial
Just wanted to let you know that Evie loves her Boogie Babies cd! She is doing all the actions without prompting, and keeps holding her hands up and looking around as if to say ´but where is she?!´. 
Hannah Mindel

Class Testimonial
Isaac and I are very excited!  He actually smiles so much when I sing him all the songs and he´s loving the CD!!  
Kellie Leigh

Class Testimonial
What a lovely Boogie Stars class today! Such a great balance of independent dance and music, as well as the usual Boogie fun with you girls. Bang on the money....looking forward to next week :)  

Class Testimonial
Loved the music, teacher voice was amazing and lovely group of girls. 
Laura Curtis

Class Testimonial
Jess has had the most amazing time at Boogie Babies!  You run an incredible group and thanks for making my baby happy!!!
Jude Myeroff

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